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©2019 kitty kardboard®

we are cat lovers + home decor enthusiasts

with a thing for good design.

kitty kardboard® was created out of the need for sleek, sustainable and functional product design,

as well as modern, fashionable and trend-driven surface design, for cats and humans alike.

you know that old cardboard shipping box that your cat is obsessed with, but you don't have the heart to get rid of? let's just skip over talking about how about many dirty warehouse floors it's been on, how many toxic chemicals have touched it, and how

unattractive it looks on your living room floor, and cut to the chase...... we reinvented it.


we designed a smart, flat-packed and easy to assemble pyramid shaped cat box in a range of stylish and refreshing prints,

so what would normally be garbage on your floor, can now be a beautiful piece of decor for your home.

xo kitty kardboard®