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we just want to keep our carbon paw-print

nice + small.

when developing our kitty kardboard® homes, it was very important to us to pay just as much attention to the materials being used, as we did to the design aesthetic.  we made sure every aspect of the product was safe and sustainable, from the material of the box itself to the ink it's printed with, and even our packaging.

all kitty kardboard® homes are made of 100% recycled and biodegradable cardboard. however, we didn't settle for regular

corrugate, since it's made of many layers of paper. in effort to use minimal resources, we opted for a thin eco board

that's made of just one layer of paper.

we also use water-based, biodegradable ink to achieve the fun, colorful prints on our kitty kardboard® homes.

kitty kardboard® homes were smartly designed so that each panel folds into itself, so the final packaged product could be as small as possible. with our patent pending flat-packed and super lightweight design, we're able to keep our carbon footprint nice and small.