Cat sitting in Oasis Cardboard Cat Box


Our Oasis print is for all you Cat Lady x Plant Lady hybrids out there - we got you. Whether the vibe of your home is more light + airy, or you’re creating your very own vibrant jungalow, our Oasis box will add the purr-fect touch of flair. It’s like another plant but way lower maintenance.


product details:

- dimensions of box when assembled: 20" x 20" x 20"

- flat-packed in a single piece of thin sturdy cardboard

- printed with biodegradable, water-based ink

- features a protective matte, soft touch finish

- assemble by simply folding and tucking; no tools or adhesives needed.

- disassemble just as easily, if you need to free up some floor space or want to alternate styles.

- try not to get it wet but if it does, pat gently with a dry cloth.

- do not place in a high moisture or wet environment, or near a heater or open flame as this product is flammable.

- the design features 4 walls, a base and one entrance (entrance measures 11.5" x 11.5")

- not intended for kittens/cats under 2 years old

- best fits cats up to 15 pounds


    kustomer reviews

    love it

    devon weston

    Ordered this for my sweet old kitty Walter. Shipped super fast and it’s just as beautiful as the photos! And my big cat fits! He eschews any sort of fancy cat beds or houses but loves cardboard boxes—as they do. He’s also on his “9th life,” so to speak, and increasingly picky about where he sleeps and curls up—so I was pretty desperate to get him something he would enjoy. The cardboard on this design is at once much thinner than a shipping box and yet “sturdier,” at least for a cat. It’s flexible, but fits so securely together, and I think the lamination of the design actually helps to keep it quite stable. Most important is Walter loves it ❤️

    kitty approved


    This shipped and arrived timely. Day one, kitty already loves it. An easy five stars. Thanks for this cool pyramid!



    Very cute and well made!