a box for your cat that 

looks nice on your floor.

cats don't love boxes, they need them


let's face it, boxes are irresistible to cats. if your cat is in the same room as a box, there's a 99.9% chance that your cat will do whatever it takes to squeeze inside, no matter the size. but why? believe it or not, there are scientific reasons behind this adorable obsession.

you deserve more than beige + paw prints


is it just us or are cat owners being totally deprived of good design? just because cats are super low maintenance doesn't mean their humans shouldn't have access to modern + stylish products. we're here to change that, starting with the most essential item in a cat lover's home - the cardboard box.

we are konscious cats


we know what you're thinking - why would I pay for a cardboard box? well, because it's a fancy one. we reinvented the basic cardboard box to make it better for your home, your cat and the environment. with a focus on sustainability, compactness + cleanliness, every aspect of the design has a purpose.

proudly made in the usa

kk icons_recycle.png

100% recyclable +


kk icons_ink.png

printed with biodegradable,

water-based ink

kk icons_woman.png

woman owned + operated

kk icons_no tools.png

no tools or adhesives needed for assembly

kk icons_paw print.png

tested + approved by real cats