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Founder Story



kitty kardboard® was created by los angeles based artist and designer named rosanna servodio. she was inspired by her beloved cat named kitty. rosanna was 19 and living on her own in new york city when she adopted kitty, a tiny 8 week old kitten at the time. they moved to los angeles together a few years later. kitty was right by rosanna's side through every hard time, happy time, and turning point of her twenties.


since the beginning, kitty has been obsessed with cardboard boxes. some days there would be 3 or 4 of them scattered around their apartment for kitty's lounging pleasure. as a lover of minimal interiors, the boxes soon became an eye sore for rosanna and she found herself hiding them whenever guests would come over. however, knowing how much kitty adored them, she didn't have the heart to get rid of them.


this sparked her curiosity - "why do cats love cardboard boxes so much?" after understanding where this adorable obsession stems from, her creative juices started flowing.


that's when she set out to design and develop a line of modern, sleek cat boxes with artistic prints that would compliment your decor instead of disrupt it, paving the way for more "good design" for cats and the modern cat consumer. 


everything about kitty kardboard® was inspired by kitty, from the pink of her nose that is now one of the foundation colors for the brand, to the logo which is a minimal representation of her curled up inside a box - and of course, the brand name itself. kitty was rosanna's number one love, product tester, business partner, therapist, and complete inspiration and motivation behind this journey.


one day, out of nowhere, kitty got extremely sick when a terminal disease that had been dormant in her body manifested. kitty + rosanna fought for a month straight until kitty passed away.  this all happened just weeks after finalizing the production details for the product after years in the making. it was almost like kitty was waiting until her work here was done.  rosanna was devastated to have lost such an important piece of her life so spontaneously, and misses her like crazy everyday. the silver lining: kitty lives on through kitty kardboard®.


kitty kardboard® will forever be in honor and in memory of our sweet, beautiful angel kitty.


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