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Kommon Questions

are kitty kardboard® homes easy to assemble?

yes, so easy! we carefully + thoughtfully designed our kitty kardboard®homes to be made of one single piece, so you could assemble it in just a couple of minutes. we found that similar products on the market are made of several pieces, require adhesives or other components, and have confusing instructions - so we wanted to make sure our assembly was very simple. we are working on creating a "how-to" video, coming soon.

my cat is a chewer. what if my cat chews through the material, or destroys it with their claws? can i return or exchange it for a new one?

we don’t accept returns or exchanges for product that is damaged by your sweet kitty, because let’s be real - cats can be destructive little creatures. this product may suffer some wear and tear, but it’s not designed to last forever -it’s more of an accessory that you’ll want to update every so often. 

is this product intended for kittens?

here's the deal with kittens - yes, they will enjoy this product, but not in the way it was intended to be enjoyed. through testing our product with kittens, we found that since they are so rambunctious they try to pull it apart, chew on it and "play" with it. with that said, we don't recommend this product for cats under the age of 2, as it is more meant for lounging or sleeping in.

is there a bottom panel, or is the floor exposed on the inside?

yes, the design features four ‘walls’, one ‘base’, and one triangular ‘entrance’ on the front. 

what size cats can fit inside a kitty kardboard® home?

our kitty kardboard®homes measure 20” x 20” when assembled, with an ‘entrance’ size of roughly 11.5” x 11.5”. the largest cat we’ve tested our product with is 15 pounds, and she fit with extra room to walk in little circles until she found her comfy position. however, cats can be picky, as we know. if you purchase a kitty kardboard®home and your cat doesn’t fit, please send it back to us for a refund and feedback on your cat’s size, and how small it was for him/her to help us with future development!

do you offer any other products, or just kitty kardboard® homes?

not yet, but we have lots of exciting things on the horizon.

can my dog use a kitty kardboard® home?

of course!  by no means are we saying ‘no dogs allowed!’ we love all animals and believe there's a possibility a very small dog would enjoy a kitty kardboard®home. we just haven't tested our product with dogs, so please keep that in mind.

can i give a kitty kardboard® home as a gift?

yes! it’s the perfect gift for any cat owner.

my cat didn't go into their kitty kardboard® right away. what should i do?

as we know, cats are super particular and need a little bit of time to adapt to changes, so it's possible that they won't go inside their kitty kardboard® right away. i would let it sit for a few days until they warm up to it. it also helps to lay some crinkly paper in the bottom, or another material they like, to motivate them to go in for the first time.

Shipping + Returns questions

how long does it take to receive my order once it has been placed?

please allow 5-7 days between the time you place your order and it arrives at your door.

do you ship internationally?

we currently only ship within the united states, but plan to ship internationally in the near future. when we do, we will announce it.

what is your return policy?

as of 1/1/2020 we have a 7 day return policy. you can read more about it in ourreturns + exchanges page on our website.


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